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This year will mark the fourth year that the "Festival of Joy" has been celebrated with the Wiener Symphoniker:

On May 8th at 7.30 PM Vienna’s Heldenplatz (Heroes’ Square) will be transformed again into a space of memory and joy to celebrate the 71st anniversary of liberation from the Nazi regime.

The Wiener Symphoniker – under the leadership of Christoph von Dohnányi and with the starbaritone Thomas Hampson and the men of the Wiener Singverein – will play “A Survivor from Warsaw” by Arnold Schönberg and Ludwig van Beethoven’s Third Symphony “Eroica”.

The concert will also features speeches by several prominent speakers, with Katharina Stemberger presenting the programme. Daniel Chanoch, a concentration camp survivor, will speak about his experience of solidarity. For many prisoners in the prisons, concentrations and annihilation camps, solidarity was of particular importance and ensured the survival of some.

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MKÖ/Sebastian Philipp
MKÖ/Sebastian Philipp
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Highly symbolic principal memorial of Austria

The highly symbolic Heldenplatz - the historical and moral identity of Austrians.


The Mauthausen Committee

The MKÖ has organised the Festival of Joy since 2013 to celebrate the day of liberation.


Visitor information

The concert begins at 7.30 PM and is planned to end at around 10.00 PM.


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